Frequently Asked Questions


What is a MoveIner Ministry?

A MoveIner ministry is a ministry that is led or co-led by a MoveIner; a person who is part of the MoveIn movement (see Often these ministries are inspired by the needs MoveIners see in their neighbourhoods. These ministries range from funding education of children in poverty, to helping sex-trafficked victims find freedom, to providing baby basics for new mothers, to kids camps that share the love of Christ with hundreds of children. Some of these ministries are more structured while others are very grassroots. All of them are incredible examples of living out God’s mission, as MoveIners respond to the needs around them.

Where should I shop?

We recommend shopping at budget grocery stores, or markets where food is generally cheaper. You may need to shop around and do some research. Look on google maps for grocery stores nearby, read through flyers, or try using the phone app ‘Flipp’.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes you can buy in bulk and then calculate how much of the package you will consume. For example, if a large bag of lentils is $4.00 but you only plan to consume one quarter of the bag during the week, then you can budget for just $1.00.

Can my kids join?

We recommend that only adults participate in Dollar-a-Day. Consider creative ways to include your children in small ways such as serving your Dollar-a-Day food for just a couple meals, or reducing treats for a week. Talk to your kids about how saving money can lead towards having more funds to give towards those in need.

What if I have diet restrictions or health concerns?

Please consider if spending a dollar a day is doable with your dietary restrictions, or if you need to make alterations to the suggested guidelines for your special requirements. Although we want to relate to the poor, we do not want any participants to put their health at risk through this initiative. If necessary, you can consult your family physician prior to participating.

Can I do this for longer than one week?

Dollar-a-Day is a week-long initiative but if participants desire to extend for longer and donate more towards MoveIner ministries, they are very welcome. That being said, the “togetherness” of doing Dollar-a-Day with others will only last for the designated week.

How will I know my money gets sent to a MoveIner Ministry?

You will have the opportunity at the end of Dollar-a-Day to directly donate to and communicate with MoveIner ministry or ministries you chose.

Do I get a donation receipt for income tax purposes?

Each MoveIner Ministry that we have presented has different organizational and financial structures. Some ministries are Canadian charities which are able to issue donation receipts in Canada, while others are organizations outside Canada. Some do not have a charitable entity, and some are a grassroots/relational ministry that may not have structured financial systems. We have only presented ministries that we trust will use your donation with integrity towards helping those in need. It will be up to you to make your donation directly to the ministry. See the Ministries section for more information.

Will I really eat enough food for a week on a Dollar-a-day?

Eating on a dollar a day is certainly challenging and yet millions of people do it around the world out of necessity. It will take creativity and planning to ensure you eat enough each day. This will require preparing ahead of time by looking for sales and finding the most filling and/or nutritious food at the lowest cost. If you find that you are hungrier throughout the week, hard as it is, it will open your eyes to how many people live each day.

Can others feed me (e.g., eating at my parents' or neighbours' house)?

One form of wealth that many of us have is social capital, i.e., friends and family who love to take care of us! To account for this, we will include all food and drink consumption in our Dollar-a-Day budget. This means that whatever you consume (whether purchased by yourself or by others) must add up to your US $1.00 per day budget.

What if a neighbour or friend invites me for dinner?

Use your discretion. You can decide for that to be your only meal that day (if the ingredients cost about US $1.00). Another option is to explain the Dollar-a-Day initiative and what you are doing for this week. You could accept tea only (which is a few cents per bag) or water. Who knows, it may be an inspiration to your neighbours to hear about your heart to donate your food budget to others in need.

What about free food or drink?

You must allocate a dollar value to all of the food you eat or drink because free food--that nobody paid for--is not part of the daily reality of the world's poor.

What if I already own the ingredients?

You can calculate the cost of the ingredients based on the fraction of the package that you use and add them to your Dollar-a-Day budget. You may need to look at past receipts to find the cost of the full package, or look at a flyer or prices in-store.

Can I eat veggies and herbs that I grow on my balcony?

Yes, but you must allocate value to them based on the lowest respective prices you can find in stores.

Can I drink coffee and tea?

Yes - if you include it in your Dollar-a-Day budget.

food is more expensive where i live - will this work for me?

Most people are shocked to see how far their US $7 budget can go if they shop around, study prices, watch for sales, talk to friends, and do some serious planning. Read the Dollar-a-Day story for more inspiration.

isn't it a waste to spend so much time planning a $7 menu?

The poor--especially the world's extreme poor--have no choice but to make every penny go as far as possible. We can learn a lot by doing the same.

Can I donate beyond what I save from Dollar-a-Day?

Absolutely! The ministries listed are incredible and change lives - the more we’re able to give to them the better!

why is movein organizing this?

We love getting behind people who move in and do things that change lives.

Can I donate without participating?

Yes! Although we would love for you to participate in Dollar-a-Day as a big part of the initiative is to experience what it’s actually like to live on one dollar a day, if you prefer to only donate you can do that too. Please email us at for instructions to give, or give directly via the Ministries section.