Spend less. Give more. #dollaraday

Eat & drink on a dollar a day for one week. Give what you save.


Next Dollar-a-Day: September 29, 2019


Join the movement of eating on a dollar a day for 7 days: From September 29 - October 5, budget what you usually eat, and shop smart to eat US $1 worth of groceries, donating the rest to a MoveIner Ministry. Grow in knowledge and compassion for the poor of the majority world who often live on less than a dollar a day. Share your experience and learn from others! #dollaraday

How It Works

Plan out your savings, sign up, make a menu, eat on a dollar a day, and give!

1. Plan out your Savings

Before you sign up, you'll have to plan out how much you'll save and who you will give your savings to. A big part of Dollar-a-Day is the experience of actually eating on just one dollar per day. An exciting result of this experience is that you'll have savings to give away!

Estimate how much you spend on food: Look at your monthly grocery bills, and receipts from fast food or restaurants. Add it all up and divide by 4. This will be roughly how much you spend on food per week. Take this number and subtract US $7. This will be your savings from Dollar-a-Day!

Choose a MoveIner Ministry to give to: We have a growing list of MoveIner Ministries that you can designate your savings to. This will be a special gift to a ministry that is actively working towards good in our world!

2. Sign Up

Signing up will be your commitment to doing Dollar-a-Day and giving savings to one or more MoveIner ministries. We'll also be able to connect with you and encourage you as you do it!

3. Make a Menu

This may be the most challenging part of Dollar-a-Day: plan a menu and buy your groceries.

Everything you eat for September 29 - October 5 must be included in your plan for US $1/day (US $7 total for the week). This will require you to shop around, look for deals, and understand the hard reality of spending less.

Click here to check out a sample grocery list and menu!

4. Eat on a Dollar a Day

September 29 - October 5 is Dollar-a-Day week! Each of us who have committed and signed up will together each day eat on just one US dollar. There will be time to mutually encourage one another, and share about our experiences. Along the way, pay attention to the experience, wrestle with spending less, and pray for the poor for whom this is a daily reality.

5. Give!

At the end of the week, as a form of celebration you will give your savings to one or more MoveIner Ministries. We'll send you a reminder on October 5th to be sure to give what you've committed to. We'll also love to hear about how the experience went for you, and what you learned or new realizations you gained through the week of eating on just one Dollar-a-Day.

MoveIner Ministries

Give your Dollar-a-Day Savings to one or more of these amazing ministries led by MoveIners.

Baby Basics | Basic Provision for Communities in Venezuela | Bike Fixing in Sweden
Deep Waters | Echoes | Fight4Freedom | Kids Kapers | Lichtinsel | Lowertown Block Party
Marília’s Integrative Therapy Wheels | Mozaik Lushnje in Albania | Niger Education
Serve the City | Serve the City | SMARTYES - kunterbunt im Emmertsgrund e.V. | YAGAE

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Baby Basics

Website: http://baby-basics.org.uk/

Give: Contact babybasicsbradford@yahoo.com for instructions.

Based in the UK, Baby Basics provides essential items for newborn babies and their mums; vulnerable women who are unable to afford to buy them. Health professionals identify pregnant women who are in need of our support and refer them to this organization. Each woman receives a Moses basket starter pack which provides a clean, safe bed for baby to sleep in, and which is packed full of baby essentials, and a few treats for mum.

Some women go through their pregnancy having no idea how they will provide the things their baby needs. Some are asylum seekers, others are fleeing domestic violence or trafficking, or are teen mums with no family support. We aim to give as generously as we can, because God has been so generous to us.

Funds go towards new mattresses and other supplies for these packs.

Tax receipts: not available.

Basic Provision for Communities in Venezuela

Give: contact Yeny Gonzalez at yenygonzalez09@gmail.com

During my time in Movein, I have witnessed the desperate need for basic goods and services in the communities I have been a part of. In many cases, people don’t eat three square meals and cannot afford adequate clothing.

Our journey has involved sharing meals, bread and juice from our family bakery, and collecting clothes, shoes, and toys from anyone in the city who decided to help us out. We also started a free hairdressing service for children, girls, and women.

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to move to another poor community near the capital of my country. I have been working weekly; serving food and drinks to many pregnant women, babies and children, while sharing who God is and who He says they are. 

It is important to mention that in the first community, other leaders continue doing God’s mission as well.

Funds Go towards providing food to poor adults and kids who are being fed weekly in different places in Venezuela. It will also go to support the four leaders who are guiding the huge and generous project in a very difficult environment.

Tax receipts: not available.

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Bike Fixing in Sweden

Website: Facebook.com/KraschKent

Give: paypal.me/kraschkent 

We teach kids in a tough Swedish neighbourhood to fix their own bikes. For five years we have had KraschKent's bike fixing once a week during the warmer part of the year. Many bikes are broken in our neighborhood and we have seen that a good way to create value and relationships is through fixing those bikes. In the beginning we fixed all the bikes. Now we try to teach the kids more and more how to fix their own bikes. They can borrow tools and wisdom from us.

Funds go towards buying more tools so that more kids can work simultaneously and towards having more spare parts at home for the kids to use. 

Tax receipts: not available.

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Deep Waters

Website: https://deep-waters.ca/

Give: www.canadahelps.org

Deep Waters is a Christian interdenominational ministry that seeks to engage with those within the church who experience same-sex attraction, as well as inform those who want to learn more about the subject.

"We have a deep desire to see the church approach this subject compassionately with great courage and hope to journey with the church on developing their approach. Deep Waters seeks to encourage dialogue and further understanding on the subject of sexuality within the church.

"What began as one person’s journey has now become a vision for this ministry to become a tool and a resource for the Church and the LGBTQ+ community."

Funds go towards small group programming, promotion, and continued operation of the ministry. 

Tax receipts: yes - through Assists Projects, through which Deep Waters operates.

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Give: www.canadahelps.org

Echoes is a Christian interdenominational ministry that seeks to engage with those within the church who experience mental health challenges, as well as inform those who want to learn more about the subject.

We have a deep desire to see the church approach this subject compassionately with great courage and hope to journey with the church on developing their approach. Echoes seeks to encourage dialogue and further understanding on the subject of mental health within the church.

We hope to challenge the stigma around mental health and faith and give a healthy dialogue around the subject.

Funds go towards small group programming, promotion, and continued operation of the ministry. 

Tax receipts: yes - through Assists Projects, through which Echoes operates.

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Website: www.fight4freedom.ca

Give: www.canadahelps.org

Fighting sex trafficking in Canada and our World.

"We want to see the end of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Canada and the world. Our mandate is to be an active voice and advocate of justice for women and men who are victims of sex trafficking; and to further assist them in finding necessary support systems that will support their journey of healing, restoration, safety and freedom."

Funds go towards our rehabilitation programming, new initiatives, and continued operation of the ministry. 

Tax receipts: yes - Fight4Freedom is a registered Canadian charity.

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Kids Kapers

Give through: thepeopleschurch.ca

"Kids Kapers Hits the Road" is a vehicle to intentionally enable the local church--and MoveIn teams--to reach neighbours in their community with the love of Christ.

Through a summer day camp ministry God has provided opportunities to develop relationships with and be an encouragement to families by loving and serving their children.  Our vision is to partner with MoveIn teams in communities with high-needs populations and to provide them with a bridge to reach out to the children and families around them.

Funds go towards Kid's Kapers teams. We often charge the campers a minimal fee of CAN $10-30 CAD/week of full day camp. This includes snacks, crafts, program, outings and entrance fees and a T-shirt. It actually costs CAN $50/child for a week of camp so if 50 children attend that is CAN $2500 for a week.

Tax receipts: yes - through The Peoples Church, through which Kid's Kapers operates.



Website: www.lichtinsel-hamburg.de (only in German)

Give: Contact lichtinsel@shki.org

The Lichtinsel (lit. Light-Island) is a Christian organisation in a socially deprived part of Hamburg, Germany. The Lichtinsel team lives according to the MoveIn vision, seeking to spread God’s love in their neighbourhood.

The Lichtinsel team also runs a broad spectrum of activities for children, teenagers and adults. For example there is a regular homework club and a weekly youth group for girls where teenagers hear stories from the Bible. One of the team’s highlights is the Kidsparty, a fun day for the whole family where around 100 children, often with a Muslim background, hear something about Jesus. Over the last few years the team also founded a church which they continue to support.

Donations go towards putting on further Kidspartys and the continued operation of the ministry. 

Tax receipts: Yes - through SHKI, through which the Lichtinsel operates (tax privileges apply for German payers).

Lowertown Block Party

Give: Contact and e-transfer to loveforlowertown@gmail.com

The Lowertown Block Party is celebrating their 10 year anniversary!

This is an initiative by a group of neighbours to demonstrate love to our community by creating a safe, fun and appealing setting where members of our community can come together to enjoy food, games, and each other; and, experience positive entertainment with a spiritual message that points to God’s provision, love and character, as the reason for the hope that we have in Jesus and the transformative power of a relationship with Him.

It is an event where we will also provide essential items and resources to those in the community who may have a need. We are compelled by our faith; and as such, we believe that the substance of our faith is best practiced, not just proclaimed

Funds will go towards renting of equipment, food, prizes, and organizational supplies. This year’s budget: CAN $2,500.

Tax receipts: not available.

Marília’s Integrative Therapy Wheels

Give: contact mtcavalcante.mpb@gmail.com

Everything happens in the living room of our home. Each week, our neighbours come to participate in Integrative Therapy Wheels. It is a session designed for children and adults to share personal conflicts and find relief and communion through community. Children get the opportunity to learn the important practice of understanding and communicating their emotions from an early age. They also enjoy a laid back atmosphere that utilizes reading material, games and other activities to teach necessary values. The main goals are the interpersonal relationships built and the necessity of love and belonging.

Funds will go towards buying more games, books to read and to paint, food (for children) and electronic material for the integrative therapy wheels.

Tax receipts: not available.

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Mozaik Lushnje in Albania

Website: https://www.facebook.com/mozaiklushnje/

Give: contact sajmirbrazhdi@yahoo.com

In education, the Roma are treated as “people of color”. Bearing in mind the very bad living conditions they endure each day, their hygiene is not proper for them to keep themselves clean enough. Therefore most Roma people are judged by the way they look, sometimes smell, or even dress. So many villages, or towns such as Lushnje, have segregated schools. In other times, the Roma are left at the corner table in the school setting, and none of the other children can be bothered to interact with them. Being bullied, discriminated, and sometimes kicked out of the class, just because of their skin color and the way they look, the Roma children and teenagers do not like attending school. The Albanian government does not have any financial support, to buy books, or help their families financially so they could continue education. Seventy to eighty percent of the Roma children leave school. The sad reality is that the girls quit school at as early as age 11 and get married.

Funds go towards education for Roma children.

Tax receipts: not available.


Niger Education 

Give: Contact jen@movein.to for instructions

Niger is one of the least developed countries in the world and is considered the least educated country in the world according to the UN's education index. Our vision for our Nigerien Scholarship Program is to see low-income families be lifted out of poverty as we invest in the education of kids and youth. Our hope is that after they have the necessary skills, certificates and diplomas to obtain a decent job, they will contribute to the education of their younger siblings, nieces and nephews. Our prayer is that their families will experience the love and care of Jesus in a tangible way as we deeply invest in the future of their families. 

Click here for article on understanding eduction in Niger

Funds go towards sponsoring Nigerienne students each year in different ways depending on their needs. Many of our students are attending private school to get a better education since public schools are often overcrowded and experience many strikes each year. Tuition fees can be between CAN $100-1000 dollars a year per student depending on their grade and institution. We also spend around CAN $50 per student each year for school supplies. We have students in all kinds of schools, from primary to high school, professional schools, and even trade schools.

Tax receipts: not available.

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Serve the City

Website: http://www.servethecity.pt/

Give: http://bit.ly/STCPortugal_donations

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in practical ways to people in need. We partner with homeless shelters, refugee centers, orphanages, and other associations, offering help and support.

Serve the City creates events that mobilize many volunteers to serve in simple ways – sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more. We are the connection between the good intentions and talents of people who could volunteer and a meaningful opportunity to get involved.

Funds go towards securing our continued and sustainable operations in service to the city and new initiatives in response to local and national-level needs.

Tax Receipts: Portugal: yes.
International donations: contact us directly

SMARTYES - kunterbunt im Emmertsgrund e.V.

Website: www.kunterbunt-im-emmertsgrund.de

Give: IBAN DE04672500200009284486, Sparkasse Heidelberg

Or contact europe@movein.to

Our aim is to support kids and parents in their unique life situations as well as provide intercultural experiences. We desire that kids and adults would find hope and peace in Jesus Christ. 

Most of the children we work with come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are often migrants. Our program is respectful of all backgrounds as we try to show Gods love. We have a diverse and colourful program including helping with schoolwork, music lessons and free time for playing and being creative. We also have a mom and kids meeting for children under 3 years of age. Every Sunday we have a kids service with playing, singing and Bible stories. On holidays we have special programs for kids - this allows for a meaningful way for kids to spend their time rather than being on their own all day. 

Funds go towards holiday programs.

Tax Receipts: for Germany; please contact europe@movein.to

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(Young African Graduates, Apprentices, Entrepreneurs)

Website: www.yagae.org

Give: Check payable to YAGAE, more options coming soon

This ministry is focused on alleviating poverty by removing resistance to economic activity for young people in Africa. 

Funds go towards paying for ground staff; funds will be used to pay for staff in Ghana.

Tax Receipts: yes - can be provided under Assists Project, an associate Canadian non-profit.